About Us

Counsel-Alliance member firms provide legal services to the world’s largest corporations. Member firms are highly ranked in their jurisdiction and offer a broad range of legal services. Member firms also provide legal services and advise to other key business, government, legal, and private entities.

Our Mission

The most important reason for the existence of Counsel-Alliance is to generate legal work for our member law firms. In a highly professional manner, we proactively market our network and member law firms to Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies, specifically, their corporate legal departments. During its existence, Counsel-Alliance has established extensive contacts in Fortune 500 & Global 500 legal departments. Furthermore, Counsel- Alliance will research and contact potential clients outside Fortune 500 and Global 500 which our members may feel might be a good match for the services of their firm.

A Unique Program

Counsel-Alliance employs a unique program designed to be a valuable adjunct to the marketing efforts of our member firms. We use proprietary databases and have established extensive contacts with key business, government, and legal groups. Our goal is to expand our members ability to interact with them, and to create platforms of exposure, through various means, for our attorneys and their firms to generate more legal work. For more detailed information on our program, please contact info@counsel-alliance.com.


Counsel-Alliance encourages inter-referrals between our member law firms. This is extremely important and desirable as many of our member firms have requested this, especially our international members wishing to establish contacts in different jurisdictions in the U.S. To this end, we will host a yearly meeting for Counsel Alliance members. Members are free to refer outside of Counsel-Alliance.

Encouraging Business

Counsel-Alliance members are not restricted in any way of participating in other associations. Members are free to continue and pursue existing and/or future working relationships that they deem valuable to generating business. Most of our members participate in other associations and working relationships. Far from discouraging business, Counsel-Alliance encourages multiple working relationships.